Jan 052010

Poppy  Papaver

“Pink Peony”

What a pleasant surprise this Pink Peony Poppy was!

Poppy  Papaver somniferum

“Black Peony or Black Beauty”

This Black Peony Poppy was my biggest surprise !  What a beauty!

Poppy  Papaver nudicaule

“Champagne Bubbles”

Champagne Bubbles is an old favorite and has been in my garden for a few years.

Jan 042010

Rudbeckia hirta

Black-eyed Susan or Gloriosa Daisy

These Rudbeckia plants are all over my yard. The colors are constantly changing. I have ordered seeds for a burgandy and a green Rudbeckia and can’t wait to see the flowers next summer. Rudbeckia blooms all summer and long into the fall.