Jan 262010

These Delphinium are in my sons yard and they have been established for 20 or 30 years. I think they are stunning and so do the bees. Some of these plants stand 6-8 feet tall.

Delphinium Seed Pods and Seeds


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  1. Those are such beautiful delphiniums! I just planted three specimens in my new perennial garden, and need some advice on seed harvesting. I’ve cut the green pods off the plants and want to harvest the seed. My question is, will the pod ripen & brown after I’ve cut them and can I retrieve the seeds for planting at that time? Or, do I leave the pod on the plant until it browns; the reason I ask is that I want to stimulate more blooms on the specimen and hate to leave the pods on the plant until they are brown and dried. . Any other tips on growing the seeds–when & how? Thanks.

  2. I love delphiniums, your flowers are beautiful but of course the results from the variety, if grown together will not be true to any specific parent plant, will it?
    My question is: if started this fall in the garden, will they survive the winter and come up next spring? How would you suggest growing them so that we have blooms next summer?

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