Dec 292009

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  5 Responses to “Gaillardia “Goblin” Blanket Flower Seed head and seeds”

  1. Just testing this out.
    Is this the one I really like?

  2. Thanks so much! I was having trouble determining which was the actual seed. I even took the heads in various stages to the local nursery and they said the the larger part was the seed, which I now know is chaff.

    I will keep you bookmarked forever. You have done a fantastic job with all of the pictures in various stages. I often have to search to find out what a seedling looks like so I don’t accidentally pull it as a weed. Again, I thank you!

    • Hi dancingfatcat

      Thanks so much for visiting my website and for your great comments. Comments like yours make me feel my time spent is well worth it and not a waste of time.


  3. Are you saying that I need the seed head to stay on the plant until it looks like the photo? Or can I deadhead and let the spent blossom dry out and retrieve the seeds then. I have a Arizona sun that I love because It only gets about 1 foot in Height which is perfect for where I planted it. Your site is great. I researched for over an hour before I came to your sight with a picture of the seeds. Very helpful. Thanks, Robyn

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