May 192010

I love Poppies!

Transplanting Poppies – My Experience.

I transplanted my Poppy plants outside in the Spring when they were still very small. Most of them survived just fine. The well established Oriental Poppies that I moved around in my flower beds barely survived. Hopefully they will do better for me the next season. A few of the Poppy plants that I purchased from local Garden Centres survived okay but didn’t produce flowers their first year.
To enjoy your Poppies in a bouquet cut them just before they open and singe the bottom of the stem with a burning candle.
Alpine Poppy
Papaver alpinum hybirds
Black Beauty - Peony Poppy
'Papaver somniferum'
Annual - Full Sun
Height 3' - Spacing 1'
Attracts Bees & Butterflies
Blooms in Summer
California Poppy
'Eschscholtzia californica'
Hardy Annual - Self Seeds - Full Sun
Height 12-18" - Spread 6-8"
Attracts Bees
Blooms Spring to Fall
Celandine Poppy or Wood Poppy
'Stylophorum diphyllum'
Perennial - Zone 4-8 Partial to Full Shade
Height 12-18" - Spacing 12-18" - Attracts Bees & Butterflies
Blooms early Spring and Summer
Champagne Bubbles
'Papaver Nudicaule'
Perennial - Zone 2-7 - Full Sun
Height 18-24" - Spacing 18"
Attracts Bees & Butterflies
Blooms Spring & Summer
Double Spanish Tangeriine Gem 'Papaver rupifragum Poppy'
Fringed Pink Poppy
Iceland Poppy
'Papaver nudicaule'
Biennial - Zone 2-9 - Full Sun
Height 18" - Spacing 12"
Attracts Bees & Butterflies
Blooms Spring & Summer
Ladybird or Flanders Poppy
'Papaver commutatum'
Annual - Full Sun
Height 12-18" - Spacing 12-18"
Attracts Bees
Blooms Spring - Summer
Oriental Poppy - Papaver oriental

Pink Peony Poppy
'Papaver somniferum'
Princess Victoria Louise Poppy
'Papaver orientale'
Perennial - Zone 3-8
Height 2-3' - Spacing 12-18"
Full/Partial Sun
Attracts Bees, Butterflies & Hummingbirds
Blooms Late Spring - Early Summer
Purple Lilac Wonder
Red Peony Poppy
'Papaver somniferum'
Annual - Full Sun
Height 3' - Spacing 1'
Attracts Bees & Butterflies
Blooms in Summer
Setigerum Poppy - Wild Opium Poppy
'Papaver somniferum'
Annual - Full Sun
Photo Compliments of -
Swansdown Poppy
'Papaver somniferum'
Annual - Full Sun
Height 2-3' - Spacing 9-12"
Attracts Bees & Butterflies
Blooms Mid Summer
Venus Poppy
White Cloud Poppy

  5 Responses to “Papaver – Poppy – Flower & Seedlings”

  1. Wonderful! I love Poppies, too. The ones that I have tried [very limited] have not liked being transplanted; so I am waiting untl I have my Perennial bed finished. It is also a work in porgress.
    I have been extremely busy planting everything imaginable. I have been trying to take good pictures as I go. I need to find out from you how you want pictures posted here. I am not aquainted at all with how blogs work. I am more used to groups with albums to fill, so when I figure it out and have more time to be online, maybe I can contribute more.
    I always look forward to your input and will be watching with great interest.
    There is a website called Dave’s Garden that has a lady there who is a Poppy expert~I think that her name there is Poppy Sue. Very beautiful flowers! Happy Gardening!

  2. Hey! Excellent info on the poppies – thanks!

  3. I have a sentimental attachment to poppies because my mom was a huge fan of her large oriental poppies. She grew many varieties of annual poppies as well as the big orange-red perennials.

  4. Love the black peony poppy.
    I have one that just flowered today. Don’t know what kind it is though.

  5. Love the californian buttery yellow and our good old english cornfield natives but am not that good at starting anything off from seed – after germination, it all becomes a bit hit or miss. Anyt tips?

    thank you for all the info re the wildlife

    all the best

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